Design of laboratories for the Twin Rivers Institute in the Campus of the American University in Sulaimaniya

Territorial Planning and Civil Engineering



Ministero iracheno delle risorse idriche ed ambientali e municipalità dei lavori pubblici

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Team of experts comprising architects, structural engineers and contractors has been involved throughout the design process to create this innovative and functional building, located within the American University campus in Sulaimaniya, in Iraqi Kurdistan.
In line with the campus master plan, the new building will be situated in the south east area, near the main thoroughfare that runs across the entire campus, where all the main facilities are located. The building has been designed to combine practical needs with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, by creating the best microclimatic conditions inside the building. In addition, energy is obtained from renewable resources and waste is kept to a minimum. Special attention has been paid to the coating of the building to protect against solar radiation.