What we do


SGI has a long track record of quality of design, reliability and high standard of services with a deep engagment in regional, urban and rural landspace planning in Italy and abroad.

Our commitment to deliver Master Plans of different scale and scope providing solutions for complex areas with high historical and cultural values is our priority.

SGI develops technical assistances along the whole design iter: from the feasibility study, through the preliminary and detailed design, up to the preparation of the tender documents and the assitance to the Client during the tender for the contractors.

Finally, SGI follows the phase of the construction supervision thanks to the collaboration with several local teams.

project management

SGI relies on a proven experience in leading complex projects through an effective Project Management (PM) approach,based on the commonly recognized international standards (for instance the PMI – Project Management Institute guidelines), per to address the project success managing the concomitant and often competing constraints, such as project scope, quality, time, cost and stakeholder satisfaction.

This approach is based on the application, tailored on the needs of this specific project, of PM process groups in order to manage in the most effective way the complexity of the project with their iterative and cyclical relations. 


Furthermore, SGI use to rely on a Risk Management System in order to enable the assessment, at any stage of the project, of the potential impacts of external factors and consent to enact contingency measures to achieve the expected outcome.

uni quality

SGI is abreast with leading edge quality assurance and management techniques to best meet the needs of the Client for all the assignments.

Our work will apply Quality Assurance (QA) procedures approved by the international Quality Assurance Certification System ISO 9001. The company use to adopt QA procedures tailored to the assignment to ensure good quality performance and management of the consultancy services.



SGI availed the support of the available software to support and develop efficiently the Projects.

The Company owns several software in the sectors of hydrology, hydrodynamics, geotechnical analysis, structural analysis, risk analysis, GIS and CAD.
BIM kicks in at the early stage of the project, when our experts manipulate models to produce calculations, survey, bottleneck of the project, technical specifications, drawings and cost estimate. The company develop speci



During the years of experiences SGI with all its staff acquired a wide experience in preparation of comprehensive Capacity Building Programs in order to guarantee the dissemination and properly train the staff of the Clients with training on the job, classroom trainings, workshops on the methodologies, outcomes, objectives of the projects.

Client and Stakeholders Engagement trough active participation in the project is vital in order to carry out a shared research on issues and opportunities for water resources development and management and to anticipate obstacles or potential conflicts/disputes.

The involvement of Stakeholders in the planning process is fundamental for the accomplishment and implementation the assignment.

SGI carried out several stakeholder participatory process and prepared engagement plans for the inclusion and consultation with key stakeholders.

The company experiences go through the beneficiaries and communities’ participation in workshops, involving local leaders, politicians, with project orientation and consultative meetings and Community sensitization meetings.