Construction Supervision and Health and Safety Coordination during the works for the realization of the new operative block, of the new radiology, of the new first aid, of the new resuscitation, of the new technological stations and of the new accesses of Feltre provincial hospital

Territorial Planning and Civil Engineering



Unità locale socio sanitaria “U.L.S.S. 1 Dolomiti”


The works concerned the construction of civil works, mechanical systems, electrical and special systems for the construction of new buildings intended for
New accesses; New operating unit – New resuscitation unit – New first aid unit; New technological center for the “Santa Maria del Prato” hospital in Feltre. The works included in the project are summarized:
– a first new front building “Dalla Palma” (South) with, on the ground floor, the new entrance area, the reception, the bar, the commercial area and the traffic junction for the connection to the floors and in the basement the staff canteen, conference rooms and technology center; – a second new rear building “Dalla Palma” (North) containing, on the first floor, the operating block and resuscitation; on the ground floor the first aid and radiology; in the basement, the sterilization, the plant unit and a garage; – a third building intended for a new technology center, able to accommodate new plants, including the new thermal power plant, the new refrigeration system, the new cogeneration plant without machinery, medical gases and the connecting tunnel between the new central and the hospital
Also included are the realization of: – a new electrical substation with adaptation of the existing ones; – the modification of internal roads.