Water Supply & Sanitation


SGI has an extensive curricula of water and sanitation projects carried out for major National and Regional Authorities as well as for water utility companies in Italy and overseas. We also have an extensive curriculum with UN Agencies and International Development Banks.


Master Plans: SGI has a strong track record of assisting water and wastewater companies in sound asset management and cost-effective optimization of service provision, while complying with the relevant legislative requirements.  SGI has almost a century of experience in developing Master plans at local, regional and national level.


Design and construction supervision of water and wastewater facilities: SGI provides a wide range of services throughout the entire project lifetime. We provide our Clients with the most up-to-date technologies in order to optimize the performance while reducing operational costs and energy consumption. We use advanced modelling tools, as well as the advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS), also published on Intranets/Internet through the Web-GIS technology, to archive, process, analyze, visualize, share and publish data on water and sanitation infrastructure. SGI provides an integrated service throughout the entire project life cycle for water intake structures, sanitation plants, water and wastewater networks, and waste water treatment plants. All projects are supported by strong technical, financial and managerial knowledge of best available techniques.


Public Private Partnership: Since the 1990s SGI has specialised in the provision of technical and environmental Due Diligence of water and sanitation services in the framework of Private Sector Participation in over fifteen public utilities involving major financial institutions (World Bank, EIB, EBRD, Council of Europe). 


Capacity building programs and training courses: SGI commits to share its worldwide experience with its Clients and we believe that know-how transfer is fundamental to improve water services. We have more than twenty-year track record of design of capacity building programs and execution of training courses, targeting staff ranging from Ministries, River Authorities, Regulators, water utility companies and water operators. Our most requested training programs concern corporate organization and management, financial management, tariff planning, management and maintenance of facilities and are delivered in Italy and/or at Client own premises.





In addition to numerous projects in Italy, SGI’s international experience in the field of water supply and sanitation includes projects in West and Central Africa (Cameroun, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Mauritius), North Africa and Middle East (Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Yemen), Central Asia (Kazakhstan), Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia), Far East (China, Indonesia, Thailand) and South America (Bolivia).


Some of the most recent achievements in this field include:

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