Water Resources Management

Pursuing the European environmental policy of innovative solutions for sustainable engineering (e.g. the EU Water Framework Directive), SGI supports water authorities in adopting and bring to effective implementation the integrated water management approach. Our assistance is manifold:


Integrated water management: SGI collaborates with National and international organizations, such as the European Commission (EC), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Bank, the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the implementation of trans-boundary programs for environmental protection, specifically aimed at water resources safeguarding and implementation of the integrated management of river basins and littorals. Our projects range from national water resources master plans, studies assessing the viability of natural parks and protected marine and land areas, geological and hydro-geological surveys, coastal and river mathematical modelling, development of geographic information systems (GIS), pollution abatement, hydraulic upgrading works, socio-economic analysis and risk assessment.


Groundwater and Surface Waters Management. SGI’s sound experience in this field includes: integrated hydrological models of surface and groundwater; water quality assessment; studies on capacity and rate of natural recharge of aquifers and their potential for exploitation; design of artificial recharge, monitoring and remote control; hydrological and hydraulic modelling of surface waters;  integrated hydraulic/urban modelling (rainfalls, stormwater and sanitary networks, wastewater treatment plants and recipient water bodies); hydraulic risk assessment and mitigation measures, specifically aimed at flood protection.  SGI also implements national and trans-boundary programmes for environmental protection.


Dams, hydropower and water control structures: SGI’s capabilities in this sector build upon the leading Italian experience in hydropower and dams developed over the last century all over the country. Our experience in dams, multi-purpose dams, embankments, gates and canals includes both arid and water-rich countries.


Irrigation and land reclamation: we support national and regional governments in preparing institutional reforms in irrigated agriculture while, at farm level, we provide assistance in establishing demonstration farms with improved on-farm irrigation and drainage with modernized systems, in order to ensure safety and operational efficiency of irrigation and drainage systems. 


Capacity Building: at SGI we believe that sustainable management of water resources will be achieved only if sustainable engineering practices are well known and adopted by decision makers and key staff of government and water authorities. Our vast track record of short and long-term trainings, secondments, awareness raising campaigns, workshops and similar events, both at institutional and at civil society level, is the best indicator showing that capacity building is a pivotal element of our approach. With our training courses our Clients also master water resources management plans, risk assessment methodologies, mono and bi-dimensional hydraulic models.




Some of the most representative examples of SGI’s achievements in the field of water resources management are:


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