Water Leakage Management

Since the late 1980s SGI specialised in the management of water losses in distribution networks and Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Management, implementing projects in Italy, Iraq, China, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Norway and Senegal.


NRW is a major problem for many utilities around the world as their aged and poorly maintained networks lose a significant volume of water before it reaches customers. Leaks or physical losses have a significant economic and environmental cost. The main drawback is that leaks are mostly hidden underground. Moreover, water operators must also tackle with commercial losses or water supplied to customers that is not billed (the non-revenue water). This encompasses water for public uses such as fire-fighting, street cleaning and pipe flushing, but also the volume that is under-read by inaccurate meters, or water stolen through illegal connections. Commercial losses lead to lower revenues for utilities. Therefore, a proper policy for reducing physical and commercial losses yields important benefits for water operators such as: increased water availability, hence postponing investments for building new sources of supply; better operational efficiency and quality of services offered to clients; higher volumes of billed water and consequently increased revenues.


Based on the experience gained in more than forty projects, SGI has developed new investigation and analysis methodologies to optimise the performance of water supply and distribution systems through the reduction and control of leakage.


SGI designs strategies to manage water losses in the long term over the utility’s interest area and provides specialist advice on the adoption of methodologies and technologies to maintain leakage at sustainable levels in the long term, with the main focus on achieving the Economic level of Leakage, which is the break-point at which investments on leakage control exceed the benefits derived from it.



Amongst most significant achievements in this field are:

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