Urban planning, Civil and Structural Engineering, Architecture

SGI is committed to design excellence for the built environment and has a long track record of quality in design, reliability and high standard of services and consulting for private and public institutions, agencies and companies (schools, hospitals, holiday resorts, commercial and residential buildings, industrial, sports and military facilities in urban, suburban and rural areas).  SGI’s services range from planning to design and implementation, architectural design for both interiors and exteriors, and works supervision.


Civil and structural engineering: SGI’s expertise encompasses restoration of historical buildings, construction of institutional facilities, medical infrastructures, educational institutions, residential, commercial, industrial and sport facilities, hotels and resorts. In the field of housing, commercial and industrial buildings SGI provides comprehensive engineering services including heat transfer, air conditioning, electrical services and lighting, acoustics and utility services giving top priority to energy saving and pollution control. SGI conducts environmental, health and safety risk assessment and monitoring during the design and executive phase of civil and infrastructure engineering works implementation.


Geotechnics: SGI has a demonstrated know-how in geotechnics, and have gained extensive experience in the design and supervision of special works in difficult operating conditions (diaphragms, jet-grouting, soil consolidation, advanced excavation techniques like “top – down”, etc.). SGI also evaluates, inspects and tests the existing large structures and special foundation structures, and provides advice on constructions in progress.


Urban Planning: SGI is involved in regional, urban and rural landscape planning in Italy and abroad with Master Plans of different scale and scope, providing solutions for complex areas with high historical and cultural values.  SGI is proud to have worked in partnership with the world-known Architect Renzo Piano for the design of the infrastructure of the auditorium of Parma and the old port of Genoa for the G8 summit in 2001.


Architecture: SGI commits to scientific research for sustainable architecture and the use of solar energy. These researches are often carried out in cooperation with Italian Universities and Research Centres. In Italy SGI carried out a number of projects entailing the use of solar energy as alternative energy source. Lessons learned have been successfully replicated in the international market as well.



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