Infrastructure and Transportation

SGI provides consulting services, design, planning, and works supervision for roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, urban and industrial districts, seaports, harbours and docking facilities, and airports both at regional and urban levels.


SGI has a proven track record in this sector, delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of public and private bodies. Clients are provided with a full range of transport planning services, including transport policy and strategy advice, traffic engineering and management, transport scheme and policy appraisal, forecasting and analysis, and public transport and development planning.


Consistent with its commitment to promote Italian and international investment partnerships for project finance, SGI participates as stakeholder in public projects, enabling local agencies and institutions to have access to the expertise and financial resources necessary to undertake major development programs for the entire community.


SGI designs and develops innovative and dedicated simulation tools to achieve configurations that satisfy service requirements and reach strategic targets, also by employing the most advanced technologies such as, for example, the Global Navigation Satellite System used for surveys, the modelling software package addressed to study alignments on screen, together with topographic survey and transportation systems simulation software.


SGI provides in-house expertise in requalification and maintenance projects, computerized land registries, environmental impact and adaptation studies, environmental monitoring and impact reduction.


Since company’s early years, SGI is engaged in large-scale, nationwide program for the development, extension, and improvement of the Italian transportation network (motorways, local and national roads, railways) and similar projects.


We also have sound experience in the development of urban areas and the implementation of schemes for the integration of transportation infrastructures, like railway networks and docking facilities, for major industrial and commercial areas. The expertise in the field of port infrastructure includes: costal defences (dikes, groins, protected beach nourishments, littoral stabilization); harbours (breakwaters, caissons walls, quay walls); sea bottom dredging (sea bottoms treatments, beach nourishments). 




Our most significant achievements in this field are:

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