CONGO - SGI awarded for "Flood and Erosion Risk Assessment and Mitigation: N’Djili Urban Watershed, Kinshasa", a Project funded by World Bank

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Kinshasa, the capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is poised to become the largest megacity in Africa by 2030 being the fastest growing urban system in Central Africa. The morphology environment of the city does not help the conditions of the poorest, which are exposed to consequences of flooding and erosion/sediment transport of soil surface. Recent heavy events caused many fatalities and losses due to the presence of settlements in flood and erosion prone areas.

Against this background, the Government of DRC has started to take initiatives towards better planning and socially protecting its citizens. In view of this plans the World Bank (WB) is supporting urban resilience activities in the city of Kinshasa namely Urban Development and Resilience Project of Kinshasa.

This contract falls within this framework aiming to elaborate a more-in depth study on flood and erosion risk in one of the most vulnerable areas of Kinshasa, N’Djili urban watershed.

Scope of the study is the assessment of flood and erosion risk and mitigations measures within the N’Djili watershed, one of the most vulnerable areas of Kinshasa characterized by high population density and growth that cause land use change, informal settlement, pollution, erosion and disturbance of water run-off patterns.