UPCOMING EVENT : Kinshasa, 11 october 2018

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« Atelier de restitution du TOME 1 du Schéma Directeur de Gestion Intégrée des Eaux Urbaines de la ville de Kinshasa - Rapport portant état des lieux de la gestion des eaux urbaines et des services d’AEPA de la ville de Kinshasa. »

Workshop on Masterplan for Integrated Urban Water Management of Kinshasa city.

SGI is in charge of preparing the Masterplan for Integrated Urban Water Management of Kinshasa city, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (12 million inhabitants).


The workshop will focus on the results of the diagnostic of urban water management and Water Supply and Sanitation systems in Kinshasa.


The project will aim at obtaining – among others - the following results:

  1. Definition of an institutional framework for IUWM to ensure better planning, coordination, community involvement, and harmonization of interventions in accordance with the national policies and strategies;
  2. Analysis of the current urban water management and the environment;
  3. Analysis of management scenarios: conventional, integrated, mixed;
  4. Development of the IUWM strategy and investment plan up to 2035, broken down into a set of projects;
  5. Development of the environmental impact report;
  6. Identification of suitable indicators and implementation strategy.