Our operation in Iraq

Since 2003, SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria SpA has been working extensively in Iraq where it has carried out more than 60 different assignments for the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Environment, the KRG Ministries of Transportation and Communications, and Electricity, for numerous local Authorities (Governorates of Anbar, Babylon, Baghdad, Bassora, Diyala, Erbil, Kirkuk, Misan, Mosoul, Muthanna, Qaudissya, Salahaddin, Suleimaniyah, Thi Qar, Wassit, etc) as well as with the main International Organisations operating in the country (World Bank, UNDP, UNOPS, UNESCO, UNICEF, UN-Habitat etc.).

Currently SGI can count on 8 offices in Iraq, located in the Northern, Central and Southern regions, which employ a total of about 45 staff, including 8 expatriates, and one Regional Office in Amman in JV with MED Ingegneria.

In particular, SGI organization in Iraq consists, at the moment, of 3 registered branches:

- Headquarters in Suleimanyiah,
- Office in Baghdad and
- Office in Erbil.

In addition to this, the Consultant is operating through 7 other offices:

- Office at the Ministry of Water Resources head-quarters in Baghdad,
- Office in Basrah,
- Office in Nassiriyah,
- Project Office in Tikrit,
- Project Office in Kirkuk,
- Project Office in Amarah
- Regional office in Amman

SGI is also in the process of registering a local company in Iraq: the procedure will be finalised by mid 2013. In addition to what mentioned above, the consultant can count on several long-standing partnership with local companies/organization/experts which have proved extremely capable and effective in performing activities (mainly field surveys, of various types) that cannot be performed directly by the Consultant's staff. Thanks to the many projects carried out in the country, which put the Consultant in touch with dozens of different potential partners, SGI can count on a selected short-list of partners covering different specializations, with whom a stable cooperation has been activated and that is proving extremely effective both in time and technical-wise.

Iraq News

IRAQ - SGI awarded of Strategy for Water and Land Resources in Iraq (SWLRI)
IRAQ - SGI awarded of Sarchinar Water Project in Sulaymaniyah
IRAQI KURDISTAN - SGI awarded of Consulting services for Water Supply System of Badawa Quarter, Erbil Governorate

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